Sunday, April 12, 2009

Farmer Rapper

So this is just Bo checking in to let you know where my group stands.  We have gotten S far as the idea of promoting a "farmer rapper"- we have come up with a few suggestive song titles.  I am thinking that he should maybe do concerts at rodeos and such, and should dress in his overalls.  We plan on making a commercial, or at least writing out a script, but I think that we are actually going to try to make the commercial.  We are going to say that he is "new" and "original".  Song titles we already created include "plantin' my seed", "plowing that land", "working my hoes", and "my cock got loose in the hen house".  

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Controversial Ad

The link below came from a youtube search of "banned ads".  It portrays a young child and his father in a supermarket.  The young child is not allowed to get he candy that he wants, and throws a temper tantrum, pulling items off of the shelves and stomping his feet.  While everyone in the store stares at the father, the ad mentions to use condoms every time.  This page came up under the title of "banned commercials", and if indeed this commercial is banned, then the reason for it being banned is obvious.  Condom commercials are always risky because they imply sexual tones, and middle class america doesn't want their children exposed to sex, especially at a young age.  It implies that children are merely a failure of sex, which is completely different from the way people look at childbirth.  Condoms have become a major business, and only have emerged to become recognizable names in the past few decades, but for the companies to imply that children are merely a result of not using their product, it is rude and not to be on television.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Gun Control

1) What is the second ammendment and what does it cover?  The second ammendment is the right to bear arms, but there is no clear distinction between whether that means individual people can own arms or not.  The point of this ammendment when it was created was for states to be able to easily draw up a militia.  But nowadays we have little or no need for a militia, so why do we need to have guns?-
2)What are some positives to owning guns?  Farmers need their guns as a tool of their trade.  For one, if they need to put an animal down, then they simply do it themselves efficiently and cheaply with a gun.  Also, they need to protect their flock from coyotes and other prey animals.  Also going along with protection, guns can be used to protect our families and property from
3) Do guns cause or protect from crime?
Guns can bean intimidating factor.  As a member of the NRA, a few years ago they sent my family signs that say " There are no guns in this household".  WHat they found is that when people were to put these signs up in their homes, the homes were more frequently broken into.  This being said, sometimes guns get stolen if they aren't locked up properly, and then are used for crimes- same source as above.
4)  Why would anyone want to have a gun?
People want guns for several different reasons, as there are several different types of guns out there.  For one, maybe a woman who works in the city wants a pistol to carry in her purse.  Also, maybe a father in a family wants to protect his family so he keeps a short shotgun in the house.  However, guns can also be used for recreation.  Competetive shooting and hunting are staples on which this country was founded, and bring millions of dollars of revenue into various states like Utah and South Dakota each year.- same website

Thursday, February 12, 2009

5 topics

1) Abortion- Should Partial-Birth Abortions Be Legal?-  This whole argument consists of whether abortion should be legal or not.  Obviously someone who is against abortion all together is not going to endorse partial-birth abortion.  However, how many out there that believe in abortion believe in this specific type? At what point do people who believe in abortion find it ugly and repulsing?
2)Gun Control-Although this topic is widely heating up right now based on the recent presidential election, peoples opinions are rather stagnate about gun control.  the website brings up the idea that guns are only made for one thing- killing people.  However, the concept of people carrying self defense weapons does drop the robbery and mugging rates.  Therefore, should concealable guns, and guns in general, be legal to own and use?
3)Immigration- Should laws be passed to allow people to come to our country more easily?  Right now we are going through a recession and jobs are hard enough to find for those of us who actually live here.  Why then would we want more people in the country?  However, should we force others to live in unbearable conditions in slums in other countries where they will never reach their full potential?
4)Driving Age-  What should the minimum driving age be?  For instance, there are many people who are mature enough to drive, yet aren't old enough.  Also, there are plenty of people who are of age who have no business to be behind a wheel.  This being said, what qualifications should be in place for driving?
5)Alcohol Age-  How old do people need to be to drink?  Many believe that it is more of a decision of how well you can hold your alcohol than of age, but does age actually matter?  Some scientists have decided that the human brain isn't mature until 21, but if people are going to drink underage,  why shouldn't we just lower the age? 

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Observation of peer editing

Although I thought my first draft of my paper was a bit repetitive, my critic in class did not agree.  He said that he quite enjoyed my paper, and pointed out a few points where I might have been a bit ambiguous or repetitive.  however, I benefited very much from reading another students paper.  One of the main roadblocks for me in writing my paper was to avoid bashing President Obama.  The paper was to reflect what the cartoon was trying to say, not my political views on the cartoon.  As for my paper, i strayed away from bashing Obama, and stuck to what the meat of the cartoon meant.  However, the student whose paper I read did not follow the guidelines so closely.  As a result, the paper focused more on hating Obama than what the student's cartoon was trying to portray.  The benefit from reading this paper came to me in that I learned what it's like to read a paper that bashes something, instead of staying on topic.  All throughout high school I had trouble keeping my own beliefs out of my work; however, because of this paper I have learned how those papers come to the reader.  I wasn't convinced to believe his opinions by reading the essay; rather, I was turned off of the essay and thought of it as Obama-hating.  The most important thing I got out of this assignment was to make sure that I stayed on topic and strayed away from random, hating tangents.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Visual Rhetoric pg 21

  • My image defiantly attempts to persuade the audience of something.  it attempts to show the audience that everyone has forgotten about the fact that Obama has a major job to do working on the economy, and that everyone is way too excited about having a black president.
  • There are more elements in this cartoon than the reader originally thinks.  At first, everyone can understand the point of the cartoon.  However, upon further analyzing, the reader Can see deeper.  For instance, the cartoon is directly set outside of the Oval office, meaning that Obama is now moved in and ready to go.  Also, look at the mannerisms of the octopus; it is staring right into the office, destroying everything in its path.
  • The only thing you need to know about the author is that he writes for several different newspapers.  This means that the intended audience is people who watch the news.
  • My interpretation of the cartoon is that everyone s way too caught up with the fact that this election is historic and that they don't realize that we are still in need of help.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bio and Picture

Bo Barillo is an avid conservationist and wildlife biologist.  He has been fishing and camping since age 5, and has been doing so frequently ever since.  Sensing his son's admiration for the great outdoors, Bo's father has taken him as far west as Montana to explore Glacier National Park several times, and as far south as Del Rio, Texas.  Bo lives in Charleston, South Carolina, on a saltwater creek.  Normally Bo fishes the saltwater near his house, and is very interested in everything having to do with the salt marsh ecosystem.  Bo says that the vast ecological diversity, from small plankton to large bottle-nosed dolphins to shorebirds, creates a one-of-a-kind of ecosystem.  Because he moved inland from the shore to attend college, Bo had to adapt to fresh water fishing.  Pictured here, Bo proudly presents his first fish caught on a fly rod.  Weighing around two pounds, this largemouth bass hit a top-water frog popper, and gave Bo a great fight, as seen by his smile.  “ I had been having a lot of trouble casting that day, and I just got one lucky cast in at the right time.  The bass annihilated the lure.”  Catching this fish was a culmination of a fly fishing course he took at Clemson University, and he plans on taking more fly fishing courses offered by the university later on.   Bo also plans on taking fly-tying classes offered by the school. Because he was used to fishing in the salt water, this bass was a huge accomplishment for him, and as he says, "was one of the most proud moments of my life".  He is currently an Animal Vet Science major, taking mostly chemistry and biology classes.  This semester, Bo was assigned a sheep to get ready for showing in April.  He has also taken Wildlife and Fisheries biology courses, which teach him about ecosystems in the southeast.  He plans to continue to do so throughout his career at Clemson, focusing on wildlife around South Carolina, especially in the salt marsh ecosystem.  After he graduates, Bo plans on attending the University of Georgia veterinary school.  He plans to focus on large animals, such as farm animals, and wants to open his own vet clinic.  He plans on owning a farm and running a Retriever rescue on the land.  Because he has always had retrievers, and some of them have been rescue dogs, he feels that it can be his small part in helping worthy animals find homes.  Also on the land, Bo plans on hunting for everything from ducks to geese to hogs.  Shooting since age 5, Bo's love for biology is also seen in his love to hunt.  He says, "It allows me to experience animals that I normally see from a distance up close.  It is the most entertaining form of exploring biology in my mind.  Plus, they are really tasty!”